ECC and IEC Joint Press Conference

Mon, Oct 07 2019 8:07 PM
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7 October 2019, Kabul

Both electoral management bodies of Afghanistan; the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) organized a joint press conference.

Speaking at the conference, ECC Chair Ms. Zuhra Bayan Shinwari reiterated ECC’s commitment to ensure electoral justice. She added that IEC and IEC and ECC are working together, both EMBs want to separate the legitimate votes (clean) from illegitimate votes.

Deputy Chair Mr. Din Mohammad Azimi stressed that votes without BVV are not acceptable for both IEC and ECC. He further added, both commissions are independent, will work independently, and will be making decisions independently without any hidden intentions.

Here’s the press statement distributed during the press conference

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Independent Election Commission and Electoral Complaints Commission


[Kabul 07/10/2019]

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) would like to thank Afghan voters for their participation in the presidential elections held on 28 September 2019. It is commendable that despite security challenge voters came forward and exercised their fundamental constitutional right to elect their representative through a democratic process. 

The IEC and ECC appreciate the support extended by the government, security forces, candidates, political parties and observers on the election day. We anticipate continued support of all stakeholders in results transmission and tabulation, adjudication of complaints and announcement of the results in a credible, transparent and legitimate manner. 

The IEC is proud to inform that as of today, all sensitive election materials, such as the biometric devices and results forms, have been retrieved back to HQ from all 34 province.

The intake and tally processes are ongoing in the presence of observers and candidates’ agents. At the same time, digital data are transmitted and verified against the picture of the result form which was also transmitted. According to article 19 of Election Law, approved regulations and procedures, the IEC will only count the votes cast through the biometric system as valid. The ECC fully supports such provision to ensure the legitimacy of the electoral process.

ECC has received over 4500 complaints related to the election day. Along with the decision invalidating votes cast without the biometric protocol, the ECC also endorses IEC decision to extend the voting time by two hours (0700- 1700 hrs) to encourage voters to participate in elections and will consider it while adjudicating complaints. As per the election law, the provincial ECC has 15 working days to adjudicate electoral complaints and objections. If complainants and objectors are not satisfied with the decisions of the provincial ECC, they can register their appeals at the centre ECC within 3 working days after being notified of the decisions.

IEC and ECC emphasise that the announcement of the official results is the sole responsibility of the IEC, after completion of the complaints adjudication from ECC. Both institutions would like to call upon all candidates to refrain from disseminating incorrect and incomplete information and from making pre- judgement about the election results while letting commissions to perform their mandates in an impartial and transparent manner.

In order to enhance transparency of the process, we would also like to welcome all accredited observers and party agents to observe and monitor the counting, tabulation and complaints adjudication process at IEC and ECC central and provincial offices. 



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