ECC consultation and coordination meeting with presidential candidates

Mon, Aug 05 2019 1:51 PM
ECC consultation and coordination meeting with presidential candidates

27 July 2019, Kabul

ECC organized a consultation and coordination between with presidential candidates. ECC leadership expressed ECC’s commitment in holding credible and transparent election by ensuring electoral justice.

ECC Chair Mrs. Zohreh Bayan Shinwari welcomed the candidates and representatives emphasized the coordination between ECC and the candidates. She assured that ECC is ready to receive the complaints and investigate and adjudicate in accordance to the law.

Mrs. Shinwari urged all the candidates of the 2019 presidential election, to file their complaints and objections related to electoral campaign, legally and with evidence at the central and provincial complaints commissions, in order to be adjudicated.

Mr. Elyasi spokesman of the ECC reiterated the readiness of the complaints commission to register and adjudicate complaints arising from electoral campaign period. Mr. Elyasi added: the ECC is trying to ensure the electoral justice by monitoring the national process.

The candidates and the representatives of the electoral teams shared their opinions and advices with members of the commission and highlighted on electoral transparency, prevention of violations, prevention of early campaign and ensuring electoral justice.

The Electoral teams emphasized on using of biometrics system on E-day, to prevent widespread violations and minimized the number of complaints.

Mr. Sayed Qotbuddin Roidar, member of the ECC highlighted the preparations of the ECC. He mentioned about the reforms on the procedures and regulations and readiness of the commission for adjudication complaints and objections. He further added: the electoral complaints commission is going to adjudicate all the electoral cases with independency.

Mr. Din Mohammad Azimi deputy of the ECC asked all the electoral stakeholders coming together and join in ensuring the transparency during election.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Qasim Elyasi, secretary and spokesperson of the Electoral complaints commission requested the presidential candidates and the representatives to study the regulation of electoral campaign and behavioral code, which is published .by Electoral complaints commission and conduct their campaigns in accordance to those regulations

نشست مشورتی و هماهنگی کمیسیون مستقل شکایات انتخاباتی با کاندیدان ریاست جمهوری

نشست مشورتی و هماهنگی کمیسیون مستقل شکایات انتخاباتی با کاندیدان ریاست جمهوری

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