ECC Press Conference on Complaints Registration on E-day

Tue, Oct 01 2019 6:28 PM

01 October 2019, Kabul

ECC organized a press conference and provided updated numbers of complaints about E-day to media. Speaking at the press conference, ECC commissioners ensured stakeholders that ECC will adjudicate all complaints and objections as per its legal mandates and responsibilities in an impartial and transparent manner. ECC requested presidential candidates to respect the law and avoid pre-judgment of election results. ECC reiterated that it is the only authority for adjudication of complaints and objections and urged concerned stakeholders to wait for the completion of process.

As per article 90(3) of Electoral Law, PECCs are responsible to finalize and publish the results of their investigation within 15 days after the registration of complaints and objections. The adjudication process of complaints and objections has begun from 1st October.

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