Thu, Nov 07 2019 4:42 PM
Press Con

Kabul, 07/11/2019, 1100 hrs.

Chairperson Zohra Bayan Shinwari

  • Acknowledged continued support and trust extended by the Afghan people including electoral stakeholders to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) on 2019 presidential elections
  • IECC is committed to performing its legal mandate of providing electoral justice in a credible, transparent and professional manner
  • IECC has completed adjudication of all 189 appeals against the decisions made by provincial IECC
  • A total of 2118 polling stations requires recount; out of which 105 polling stations, and 30 polling centers have been invalidated. The list has been shared with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for their further action.
  • IECC is concerned about the delays in announcement of the preliminary election results.
  • IECC would like IEC to initiate the recount and audit process
  • IEC shall also share the details or the report from Darmalog Company with Afghan people and IEC shall be accountable for any further delays in announcement of the preliminary results with reasonings and logics. Darmalog Company shall provide explanations within the jurisdiction of law and as per the contract.

Spokesperson and Commissioner Qasim Elyasi

  • The preliminary election results were not announced on 19 October, it is a violation of the law. If it is not announced by 14 November, as stated by IEC, it will again be a violation and not acceptable to the IECC and people of Afghanistan.
  • The IEC shall share the details of Darmalog’s report with the people of Afghanistan.
  • The decisions of IECC are enforceable, the IEC shall implement them by either directing to recount or cancellation. The recount of 87 PCs is essential. The IEC shall promptly implement the decisions of IECC.
  • Darmalog is obliged and has the duty and responsibility to share all the details.
  • The political parties and candidates should not interfere in the affairs of electoral commissions.
  • The candidates and their deputies who withdrew from the election shall return all the facilities they received from government
  • The IEC has shared with IECC the financial reports of candidates, but it has some missing parts, the IEC shall complete those and send it to IECC

Commissioner Charlotte Amen Osei

  • Thanked people of Afghanistan, particularly voters, candidates, political parties, observers and media for support extended to IECC in performing its legal mandate in 2019 presidential elections
  • IECC is pleased to complete the adjudication of appeals, now the focus is on adjudication of exceptional cases
  • IECC has submitted the list of polling stations that require recount. Now the focus is on IEC to complete the recount and audit process
  • It is important that IEC expedites the pending work, addresses the outstanding issues with Darmalog and announce the preliminary election results as per its legal mandate
  • IECC is committed to delivering on its mandate in a manner that is in-line with laws and respecting aspiration of people of Afghanistan

Deputy Chairperson Din Mohammad Azim:

  • IECC has addressed all the appeals within the legal timeline of 15 days.
  • 4528 complaints were addressed in 34 provinces.
  • 189 appeals were registered at central IECC and adjudicated
  • 100 complaints that did not have enough evidence were rejected
  • 4 complaints received warnings
  • 31 cases need recounting
  • 41 cases needed to get amendments inside the system
  • 4 cases received cash fine
  • 88 polling centers referred for recounting
  • Few people including IEC’s provincial chairpersons were introduced to the Attorney General.
  • IECC is committed to adjudicating all complaints in a transparent and credible manner that may arise after announcement of the preliminary results.
  • Darmalog shall implement its agreement otherwise it will face cash fine and will be referred to the Attorney General. Even in the future if it is proved that Darmalog had any role in violation of law, it will face the legal consequences

Commissioner Sayed Qutbuddin Roydar

  • Thanked the employees of IECC for their dedication and hard work and media for their continued support.
  • IECC has addressed electoral complaints and appeals as per the timeline

Questions from Media:  

  1. What will be the consequences for violating the timeline for announcement of the preliminary results?

The violation of the law does not always mean crime, it can be violation, negligence or crime. The announcement of preliminary results on 19 Oct was violated but 14 Nov shouldn’t. It is not an electoral crime.

  1. What is the punishment for those breaking the seal at IEC?

Three people have been referred to the Attorney General. One exceptional case is registered.

  1. How many polling stations will be recounted?

As per decisions taken by the provincial IECCs, 2118 polling stations need recounts, the rest will depend on IEC.

  1. Who and based on which allegations have been referred to Attorney General?

We would like to avoid saying their names

  1. Why there is disagreement with IEC on recount?

IEC would like to consolidate the list and conduct one-time recount but IECC wants immediate recount

  1. If the preliminary results are not announced on 14 Nov, what is the punishment/penalty?

The punishment/penalty will be as per the relevant procedure.

  1. The legal time in office for the acting admin and finance head of IEC has ended but he is continuing his job, what is IECC decision?

It is the decision of IEC, not IECC

Press conference

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