Training for Newly appointed Provincial Commissioners Concluded

Mon, Aug 05 2019 2:10 PM
Training for Newly appointed Provincial Commissioners Concluded

03, August 2019, Kabul -

The oath ceremony and training seminar for 112 newly appointed provincial commissioners concluded on 3rd August 2019.

During the opening ceremony of the two-day event, ECC leadership emphasized on maintaining impartiality and ensuring electoral justice for the success of presidential elections scheduled for 28 September 2019.

Mr. Chaman Shah Etamadi, ECC CEO, during his opening remarks welcomed the participants and appreciated the Office of the President for on-time approval of provincial commissioners and asked provincial commissioners to consider national interests and transparency in elections in their works and decisions.

Ms. Zohra Bayan Shinwari, ECC Chair, named the ceremony as a historical event for Afghans and told provincial commissioners that the hope of people for the success of presidential elections lies on electoral commissions. “While taking decisions during the adjudication of complaints, consider the current situations of Afghanistan to institutionalize electoral justice of Afghanistan’’, she appealed.

ECC Chair mentioned that the performance of provincial commissioners plays a vital role ensuring transparency of the electoral process.  ‘’No one should surrender to financial and political pressures to question your neutrality”, she emphasized.

Ms. Shinwari urged provincial commissioners to work with honesty, neutrality, and perform their duties with full transparency as per the election law, electoral procedure, regulations and guidelines to regain the lost trust of the people.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Mohammad Qasim Elyasi, ECC spokesperson and secretary, read the presidential decree regarding the appointment of provincial commissioners and called it a crucial position and stressed that the success of new commissioners depend on the success of the coming elections.

Mr. Mawlawi Den Mohammad Azimi, ECC Deputy, expressed that the performance of provincial commissions determines the fate of 30 million people. He further added that the ECC leadership does not expect anything rather than honesty, neutrality and guarding the trust of God. Mr. Azmi underlined that peace in the country depends on electoral justice and asked all provincial commissioners to implement whatever they took on oath.

Mr. Neel Uprety, ECC international commissioner shared his experience and highlighted the role of provincial commissioners to conduct credible elections, which would contribute in institutionalizing the democracy in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the event, representative from the UN electoral support project (UNESP) Mr Pablo Galarce reiterated UN’s commitment and support to conduct credible, transparent and acceptable elections.

Two-day training was conducted with the aim of building the capacity of newly appointed provincial commissioners and orient them about electoral law, procedures, regulations and adjudication process. In addition, the public outreach, external relations and gender issue were also discussed.

During the workshop, ECC leadership, in cooperation with technical staff, provided precise information regarding the adjudication of complaints and objections and complaints forms for new provincial commissioners.

Training for newly appointed provincial commissioners

مراسم تحلیف و سیمینار آموزشی کمیشنران ولایتی کمیسیون شکایات انتخاباتیمراسم تحلیف و سیمینار آموزشی کمیشنران ولایتی کمیسیون شکایات انتخاباتی

مراسم تحلیف و سیمینار آموزشی کمیشنران ولایتی کمیسیون شکایات انتخاباتی

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