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Independent Electoral Complaints Commission

Press Release

2019 Presidential Election Complaints and Appeals Adjudication

(Kabul, 07/11/2019]

The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) is committed to providing electoral justice impartially and with honesty by fulfilling its legal mandate of complaints and appeals registration and adjudication as per the law, regulations and procedures.

IECC registered 4528 complaints related to the election day.  During the appeal phase, almost 1,000 objections were received. Due to duplication in types of objections received, only 189 were considered as the valid appeals. The central IECC has adjudicated all 189 appeals within the timeline and appellants have been notified about the outcomes of the appeal process.

A total of 2,118 polling stations requires recount; out of which 105 polling stations, and 30 polling centers have been invalidated. The list has been shared with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for their further action.

The decisions of IECC on recount, as the only legal authority, are applicable and we want an urgent recount of those polling stations. Otherwise, provincial head of IEC offices will be treated as per the law.

IECC is concerned about the violation of electoral calendar by IEC as it states that the announcement of the preliminary results was on 19 October 2019. The second date that is announced by IEC is 14 November 2019. IECC hopes that this date will not be violated as Afghan citizens are waiting to hear the preliminary results on the mentioned date. Violating the electoral calendar means the violation of the law and it is not acceptable to IECC and Afghan people.

IEC shall also share the details or the report from Darmalog Company with Afghan people and IEC shall be accountable for any further delays in announcement of the preliminary results with reasonings and logics. Darmalog Company shall provide explanations within laws and as per the contract.

IECC again asks IEC to take actions on recount and audit of those polling centers and polling stations that were identified by both commissions and resolve all outstanding issues with Darmalog company to announce the preliminary results