The Electoral Complaints Commission is Fully Prepared to Address the Complaints of the Presidential Election

Sun, Sep 08 2019 3:19 PM
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The Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) as per the electoral timeline and in coordination with the Independent Election Commission, is fully prepared to address the complaints of the Presidential Election scheduled for 28 September 2019.

ECC leadership emphasized at the opening ceremony of ECC call center on Sunday, 08 Sep 2019, to seriously address any irregularities that may take place during the Presidential Election.  

Mrs. Zohra Bayan Shinwari, ECC Chairperson, ensured the citizens that ECC is fully prepared to address the complaints of coming Presidential Election and implement effective programs to ensure the electoral justice.

Mr. Mawlawi Din Mohammad Azimi, ECC Deputy Chairperson, responded to the reporters’ queries on registration and adjudication of complaints and stated that till now, about 57 complaints are registered from across the country and all complaints have been addressed according to electoral law and procedures.

Mr. Azimi affirmed that majority of complaints are related to violation and negligence by the electoral teams and state builders which are registered and addressed by ECC and recommendation, warnings and fines have been issued to the perpetrators.

The ECC deputy warned the presidential candidates not to commit any fraud or irregularities in the upcoming election. ECC will use all its power to protect the transparency of the electoral process and provide electoral justice. He asked the presidential candidates to take active role in electoral campaign and persuade the citizens to participate in election.

Mr. Chamanshah Eatomadi, CEO, while thanking media stated that media has an effective role to play in promoting electoral justice. He asked the media to cooperate with ECC in enlightening people about electoral violation, negligence and fine.

Mr. Eatomadi stated that ECC as per the election law and electoral procedures will be addressing all the complaints.

According to the election timeline, the Presidential Election will be conducted across the country on 28 September 2019.

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